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Kidnapping charges are not something to be taken lightly, and the Law Office of Sindhu Alexander ensures they are not. Every case is treated with the seriousness and respect each of our North Texas clients deserves, backed by a strong and aggressive defense from one of the few regional attorneys board certified in criminal law. With a background that includes work as a former child abuse prosecutor and involvement in hundreds of jury trials, Attorney Sindhu Alexander stands up for her client’s rights with the philosophy of fighting with everything you have.

Texas law categorizes kidnapping into first, second and third degree charges, and all require the state to meet its burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt. The goal of our North Texas Kidnapping Crimes Lawyer is to stop lives from being ruined by lack of evidence or proper investigation that can result in the state failing to prove its case.

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Third degree kidnapping charges involve a person intentionally or knowingly abducting another individual, but it does have several exceptions. The charges do not apply if the alleged abductor does not use deadly force, if the only intent is to assume lawful control of the victim or if the victim is a relative. The specifics of third degree charges, or lack thereof, often apply to cases involving children or other family members.

Second degree kidnapping applies to situations where the person accused of kidnapping voluntarily releases the other person in a safe area.

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The most serious charge of first degree kidnapping involves the intentional or knowing abduction of an individual combined with other intentions. These include holding the abducted individual for reward or ransom, using the person as a hostage or shield, or if the abduction is committed during the commission of felony or while fleeing from an attempted felony.

First degree kidnapping likewise applies to cases in which the alleged abductor subjected the victim to bodily injury or sexual abuse, terrorizes the victim or another party or interferes with a government or political function.

Kidnapping sentences can range from life in prison for first degree charges to a prison term of 2 to 10 years for third degree charges. Sentences for all three levels of kidnapping may also include a fine of no more than $10,000.

Attorney Sindhu Alexander has the experience, negotiation skills and proven track record that shows she knows how to best protect your interests and your rights.


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