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Under Investigation for a Crime

Being under investigation for any crime is serious. You may lose your family and your job. If you are formally charged, you may lose your reputation as well as time and money necessary to vigorously defend your case.

If you are convicted, the consequences are dire. You may face hefty monetary penalties as well as years in prison. Do not wait for any of that to happen. As soon as you know there is an investigation, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney. Early legal intervention in some cases can prevent charges from even being filed. Meanwhile, remember to exercise your constitutional rights and avoid answering questions posed by law enforcement.

Exercise your rights

The right to remain silent

When interrogation by law enforcement begins, do not answer any questions. Exercise your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. Sometimes, questioning continues and you may feel intimidated and are unaware you also have a right to leave. Unless there is enough evidence to charge you with a crime, you cannot be compelled to sit for hours and undergo questioning. If you do want to assist the investigation and answer questions, do not do so unless you have an attorney present.

The right to an attorney

“Lawyering up” is a term used in television crime dramas to make suspects look like they have something to hide. “Lawyering up” is in fact a right afforded to all citizens under the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Many people are unaware that the Supreme Court has given law enforcement the okay to lie to suspects they are questioning about a crime. A person under investigation has a natural desire to clear themselves and in answering questions honestly, may trip themselves up. Do not fall into the trap and refuse to answer any questions unless your attorney is present.

The right to privacy and to be free of unreasonable warrantless searches

Law enforcement may act like your buddy and ask your permission to search your car or your home. Do not give consent. Once you give your consent, any challenge to the discovery of incriminating evidence is almost impossible. You may think there is nothing that can be found, but even an innocent computer search may be twisted and used against you. If there is probable cause to search and a warrant is issued, read the warrant carefully. You have to comply with its terms, but so do the searching officers.


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